However, despite the important role of cardiologists in the treatment and monitoring of cardiac patients, a major figure in the clinic for such patients remains a district physician. Thus, in clinics where there are cardiology studies, 44% of visits to patients with ischemic heart disease cardiologists to perform, the 56% accounted for visits to the local therapist. In hypertensive patients, only 5% of visits accounted for cardiac surgeries, and 91% of visits to such patients to therapists perform (apart from visiting ophthalmologists, neurologists). With the development of general practice its role in the detection, monitoring and treatment of patients with diseases of the circulatory system will be more than physicians. Of course, that working with such patients requires appropriate technical equipment. Therefore the offices of general practitioners (family doctors) have to have modern electrocardiographs.
Patients with cardiovascular disease are often seriously ill. Therefore, the organization of health care to such patients play an important role hospitals. In hospitals developed a wide network of specialized cardiology units and departments for patients with acute myocardial infarction, in which organized an intensive care ward and intensive care. Experience has shown that in-hospital ethane organization specialized and highly specialized care can achieve much better results of treatment of cardiac patients than in the general therapeutic departments. Given that the cause of death holds a special place acute myocardial infarction, in which there is a high mortality rate, in our country developed a clear stage care system to help such patients. Phase I – prehospital. At this stage, the assistance can be provided by doctors ambulance, which consists of a specialized cardiology teams, doctors, emergency clinics, district internist or general practitioners. Stage II – fixed. As noted above, it is optimal to hospitalization in specialized departments. Specifically research has shown that in such offices, even in groups of patients with the most severe mortality rate is much lower (15%) than in the offices of general therapeutic (22%). Phase III – Department of Rehabilitation, which are deployed in a number of hospitals. According to the testimony, such patients may be referred to cardiological sanatorium.