Of the total number of patients with newly diagnosed 213 were men, and nearly half of them in people 20-40 years of age. More than 40% of the identified isolated VC, more than one third were first discovered already advanced forms of tuberculosis. First, it all points to poor TB epidemiological situation, and secondly, that the antisocial part of society (the homeless, alcoholics, people deprived of their freedom for a crime) is a significant part of new cases of tuberculosis. When accounting for newly diagnosed in their composition does not include:
a) patients prescribed in another area;
b) cases of disease recurrence.
2. Soreness. Indicators of pain, due to the success of the treatment of tuberculosis cases, and in a period when there was a decrease in the incidence of 5-fold, decreased only 2-fold. That is the figure for the success of the reduction of tuberculosis varies more slowly than the disease.
3. Mortality. Advances in the treatment of tuberculosis during the 20 year period (since 1950), the death rate from tuberculosis has decreased by 7 times. Unfortunately, in recent years, positive changes to reduce the prevalence of tuberculosis as a social phenomenon to a halt and even, on the contrary, there are negative trends. The death rate from tuberculosis in Russia increased by more than 2-fold, reaching 16.7 in 1998 to 100 thousand people.
World experience, as well as our country’s experience has shown that the most effective health care setting working with TB patients is tuberculosis dispensary. Depending on the clinic’s service area is a district or municipal, provincial. The TB works on the principle of territorial and precinct. The whole service area is divided into sections, and each section is attached to the tuberculotherapist. Depending on local conditions (the number of registered persons and centers of tuberculosis infection, the presence of large industrial enterprises, etc.), the population in one area of ​​TB can be between 20-30 thousand to 60 thousand It is important that the boundary of several therapeutic areas TB clinics and one section matched to the district tuberculotherapist worked closely with some general practitioners, pediatricians, general practitioners.
The structure of the main part of the TB hospital is outpatient care. Besides the usual offices (doctors’ offices, procedural, Functional diagnostics very desirable dental office. Naturally, an integral part of a bacteriological laboratory and X-ray room. At some clinics are Fluorographic station. Additionally, there may be hospitals.
All work on TB control activities in the dispensary carries on a comprehensive plan. Very important part in the implementation of such a plan is not only health care but also in other departments. Real progress on reducing the incidence of tuberculosis can only be achieved with the implementation of the interdepartmental program “Tuberculosis”, which was developed in St. Petersburg. The main part of the comprehensive plan are sanitation:
- Organization of the timely identification of patients and re-vaccination of uninfected;
- Organization of the timely identification of patients and targeted mass prophylactic examinations;
- Improvement of the foci of tuberculosis infection, housing unit bacilli carrier;
- Labor unit patients;
- Health education.